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This Girl Podcast

Jul 17, 2020

This Girl Daisy created this podcast as a digital “family room” to provide moms with a much needed self care PAUSE in their day offering tips, tools, and resources to become a better mom, better wife, and simply a better YOU!  

This year one of the premier parenting resources reached out to Daisy to become a Miami Moms Blog contributor.  She was honored to have been selected, but since she always loves a good story and also loves sharing a good resource, she invited founder and owner, Cierra Bragan, to make big announcement about their 2 year VIRTUAL birthday bash...where all you Moms are invited!

In this episode, Daisy and Cierra have an uplifting conversation about the importance of moms coming together since we know motherhood is “hard but it does not have to be lonely”, says Cierra.  Cierra shares with Daisy that out of her own personal need while expecting her second baby, she “birthed” the Miami Moms Blog as a business.  Not being native to Miami, and becoming a new mom in an unfamilair city can be daunting. She realized there was a need to have a trusted source that moms could turn to for everything dealing with parenting (since babies don’t come with a manual).  Therefore, Cierra brought “Miami Moms Blog” part of the City Moms Blog Network Sister Site to Miami. She explained that there are nearly 90 sites across the country dedicated to connecting local moms.  The Miami Moms Blog provides resource guides from finding the right preschool to family friendly hotels & restaurants, to photographers to party planners and so much more

For now two years, Cierra has been living up to her goal to encourage, equip and empower Moms in Miami with relevant content and a meaningful community, online and offline.  So in showing her gratitude to this wonderful community of moms, Miami Mom Blogs is planning a Virtual Birthday Bash on Tuesday, July 21st – 8 – 10pm.  Visit their site for tickets.  It will be a fun night for Moms to virtually connect and have some fun.  The team at Miami Moms Blog got creative and will have a DJ, giveaways, cocktail demonstrations and much more.  Daisy and Cierra invite all Moms to give the kids to Dad for one night and get ready to dance in your living room.

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